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About Us

By all accounts, 2016 appeared to be a hard and tumultuous year. Social media was flooded with posts lamenting one unbelievable moment after another and the overall mood seemed to be sad, bleak and unpromising. But as the saying goes, we should always "be the change we wish to see in the world" and so Kind Karma was established to counter negativity with hope and kindness.

Kind Karma was born on the principle that if we spread good, then good will not only come back to us but will continue to spread. Kind Karma spreads kindness by employing at-risk and homeless youth to make beautiful custom-crafted jewelry. Our youths receive profits from each sale which enables and empowers them to seize better opportunities for a brighter future. Whether they choose to pursue an education, establish their independence or take a course related to their calling, each youth has a goal that Kind Karma helps them achieve. It is truly our belief that if we give youths the opportunity to better themselves, they will grow up to become positive influences in society with the ability to pay kindness forward by helping others in need.

There is so much that we cannot control in the world but we can control how we treat each other. Amidst all the chaos of natural disasters, divisive politics and incomprehensible tragedies, nothing shines brighter than a little kindness and we hope you will help us spread that positivity with your support.


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