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Kind Karma Inspiration

Sex and Manipulation

by Kind Karma Company |

When we think of abuse in a relationship, the majority of us will first picture physical abuse. But the truth is, emotional abuse and psychological manipulation often leave a more devastating impact on its victims because it fills the mind with self-doubt. And while it can affect any of us regardless of social or financial status, a lot of times, it happens to the most vulnerable. Here...

A Personal Note of Transformation

by Kind Karma Company |

Kind Karma's mission has always been to empower youth who may have stumbled on hard times and to help them back on their way towards their full potential. One of our youth employees recently wrote this on her Facebook page and we needed to share it because it is a true testament to the positive impact we have always hoped...

An Inside Look at Life in a Shelter

by Kind Karma Company |

This post was contributed by one of our youths who currently stays at a shelter. Our goal for the Kind Karma blog is to be a place where marginalized youth can have a voice and a platform where we can challenge preconceived stereotypes or stigmas. We felt it was important for everyone to see what it was truly like inside...

"Success" - A Youth Perspective

by Kind Karma Company |

In celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Day, please read this post from one of our youths with their perspective on self-fulfillment and the path to "success".

Meet Crystal, the youth designer behind the new Crystal Zen Collection

by Kind Karma Company |

We met Crystal at a youth employment centre and she immediately stood out.  Crystal is so talented and in speaking to her, discovered her passion for creating gorgeous beaded bracelets that also function to promote positive emotions. We decided to have her create her own line which we have aptly named the "Crystal Zen Collection". This is her story.

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