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SELECTED Aromatherapy Choker
SELECTED Aromatherapy Choker
SELECTED Aromatherapy Choker
SELECTED Aromatherapy Choker

Aromatherapy Choker



Life can sometimes get stressful which is why we are thrilled that essential oils have now become part of mainstream use. Sometimes, there is nothing that can help a stressful day more than a few deep breaths of your favourite, relaxing scent and luckily with this choker, you no longer have to carry your oil diffuser everywhere!

This choker features three black lava stone beads on a quality gold-filled chain. Place a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the black beads and carry your favourite scent with you throughout the day. You can either use one oil or mix different scents with the multiple beads to create your own custom combination. This is also a great way to avoid the toxins found in some perfumes that can cause irritations for sensitive skin. 

The choker measures 14" in total length and features a 2" extender if you would like to wear it slightly longer. Further, lava is a grounding stone that gives courage, strength and stability so not only is this choker gorgeous and trendy but we love that it serves a dual purpose of also making sure you are mentally healthy!