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SELECTED Herkimer Diamond Earrings Gold
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SELECTED Herkimer Quartz

Herkimer Quartz "Diamond" Earrings


$45.00 CAD


These stunning earrings feature beautiful Herkimer “diamonds” mounted in a unique wrap-around setting. Herkimer stones are not actually diamonds but rather double terminated quartz crystals that acquire their name from their unusual transparency and brilliant sparkle. These stones are formed in the hard rock matrix in the Herkimer County and therefore vary in colour. Some may be cloudier and others may feature unique specks of black carbon deposit, air bubbles or even inclusions of water.

Herkimer “diamonds” are the most powerful of all quartz stones and as a stone of attunement, they can amplify the effects of other stones or can be programmed with thoughts of love, well wishes or healing for others to draw on.

Set in a unique mount that wraps around the earlobe to create a unique and finished effect. Settings are available in either sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled, both of which are tarnish and fade resistant as well as hypoallergenic. Pair them with our Herkimer Quartz "Diamond" necklace for a beautiful jewelry set!

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