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SELECTED Stacking Crystal Bracelet
SELECTED Stacking Crystal Bracelet

Find Your Voice


$32.00 CAD


This bracelet was created to celebrate society’s movement towards speaking out and bringing awareness to injustices of all kinds, both past and present. Comprised entirely of blue jasper beads, a stone typically linked with nobility of spirit and purpose, wearing this bracelet imparts the courage to speak out against injustice and conveys the strength to withstand any potential unpopularity in defending the vulnerable. This bracelet is accented with silver beads and features a lotus charm, to symbolize purity of voice.

Each bracelet features 6mm beads and measures approximately 7” in total length. Custom lengths are also available upon request. Stack it with your other favourite bracelets from our Crystal Zen collection.

All Kind Karma jewelry is locally made in the Toronto area and handcrafted by at-risk and transitioning homeless youth. Learn more about our jewelry that gives back.