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A Look at Spending

by Kind Karma Company |

There are so many reasons we spend money and they aren't always good ones. We consume then discard in a cycle that has led the fashion industry to become the second largest source of pollution in the world. As we move towards creating more sustainable lifestyles, this blog post from one of our youth's personal experiences highlights some of the reasons behind...

Homeless Beginnings

by Kind Karma Company |  | 1 comment

It is easy to view homeless individuals through stereotypical lenses that they are homeless through bad choices or criminal actions but the truth is, most of the youth are there as a result of situations they cannot control. In a national survey, almost 80% of homeless youth reported leaving home because of abusive relationships and 63% of homeless youth reported...

Sex and Manipulation

by Kind Karma Company |

When we think of abuse in a relationship, the majority of us will first picture physical abuse. But the truth is, emotional abuse and psychological manipulation often leave a more devastating impact on its victims because it fills the mind with self-doubt. And while it can affect any of us regardless of social or financial status, a lot of times, it happens to the most vulnerable. Here...

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